Thoughts on "MUST HAVE" VSTs/PLUG-INS??


I'm sure a version of this thread exists but I am looking for feedback on what ya'll think are composing software every one "must have." I don't mean literally, rather the ones you use the most and love.

I use Kontakt like there's nothing else. And some libraries I use are:

Symphobia 3 - Lumina
Spitfire Audio - Albion III 
8Dio - 1928 Steinway Legacy Scoring Piano
CineSamples Piano In Blue
CineSamples - Drums of War 2
ProjectSam - Orchestra Essentials
Spitfire Audio BML Sable - Volume 3

What are some you think I am missing and are essential? 

I am particularly interested in filling the gaps. I need some percussion, woodwind and random cool sounds/instruments.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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  • For sure. 

    But you can't learn what you don't have. 

    Spectrasonics Omnisphere - NOTED. 


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