Maybe this has been discussed sometime in the past, but I wonder what thoughts some of you may have on the creative commons licensing options.  For myself, I have really mixed feelings about the options.  It seems that any of the options relinquishes important rights that a composer might have to their own work, even when the option is selected voluntarily.  Under what circumstances would you consider releasing a work under a CC license?

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  • I would agree with Chris. Composition is something I do for the joy of it but its also something I would quite like to survive off. The only time I might release something under CC would be to publicise myself in the same way as people give away free CDs of theirs. I doubt I would do it but thats the only setting that I could see myself doing it.
  • I agree that releasing the manuscript for free access by anyone may not be preferred, but would you feel the same about a synthesised recording of your pieces......?
    A 'good' recording would give access to an even wider audience than the score and might even support the 'promotion' of the piece (for sale or performance).
    So I have put full recordings and a few pages of manuscript under CC on those sites that enable me to offer the score.
    All my works - (20/30 minute concertos/symphonies) - are streamed from my website - so listening is free, but the 'real work' remains protected.
  • Thanks for the advice Chris.
    Releasing a manuscript under that guise, would clearly be a different matter.....

    Am I right to think that it would be difficult for anyone to USE the sound file for any purpose, especially if it is a synthesised recording?
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