• Nice! I enjoyed that.

    So, to give some constructive criticism... the piece is so very disjointed. It travels from mood to mood quickly, from deep rumbling sonorities to jovial counterpoint, fast arpeggios and quiet chordal passages. It changes mood and style so abruptly and without any consistent melodic motifs unifying the sections - it feels like a composite of several unfinished works, instead of one that is finished.

    There really isn't any melody that my ear hangs on to. The emotional changes are done through stylistic playing, instead of melodic development... there were several moments in the piece where I was wondering "why". Why is the music doing this? What is it saying? Where is it going? With no melody in the foreground, the entire piece becomes "backgroundish", if that's a word.

    There are times when I wished that the sustain pedal would let go because the tones were getting muddy... but then in other spots you had the sustain clipped abruptly so I know the effect was intentional... I found it disruptive to the experience so IMHO that's something to pay attention to.

    That's a sweet piano sound. I suspect it's a deeply sampled virtual piano... do you mind divulging which one it is?

    Anyways, that's what I got from a couple of listens. Keep up the good work!

  • Hey Joe. I really liked what you do around 2:30 and on for the next minute or so. I think I would echo some of what Ian said about the piece being disjointed. Even taking into account that it is, after all, a Fantasy. I don't think there necessarily needs to be a prominent melody but anything that really binds the piece together, even the quite disparate moments. Specific modulations, recurrent rhythms, layers, etc. More off-putting to me were what felt like huge stylistic changes, as if several composers were writing the same piece. Perhaps this was your intent though. Anyway, keep it up!


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