Thematic Calls for Scores

I've noticed recently that there seems to be an increase in what might be called "Thematic" calls for scores, that is, scores which embody certain specified ideas or issues, like for instance "Music and the Isolated Individual" or "The Landscapes of Sound."  As a public service to encourage this productive trend, I'm offering some suggestions, free for anyone to adopt, of more such calls:


Growl, Hiccup, Burp:  The Music of Digestion

Nyah Nyah Nyah:  Musical Mockery

Dang Nab It:  Musical Disappointment

"That's Alright I'll Just Suffer:" The Passive Aggressive Art Song

Like I Should Care:  Musical Indifference

Passing Limits:  Compositions Where Every Note Is Out Of The Instrument's Range

"Are You Gonna Do This Or What?"  Music That Nags





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