Here is a recording of a new piano piece I wrote last week which now functions as the introduction for a larger work I wrote some years ago. It's in the format of a video which also gives information about the larger work which is a musical story for narrator and piano/orchestra.

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  • Hello Andreas,

    Thinking of the music alone, most tranquil and a little sombre; appropriate for when I listened to it late last night with the family already retired, a somnolent nocturne. Conventional harmonies but with surprises here and there and the injection of a little warmth when he met the rat. Beautifully played.

    As for the story, to me it begs animation. 

    The only problem is.....did he rescue his sister? It has hints of "The Secrets of NIMH" but that was a full length animation.



  • I already replied to this. 

This reply was deleted.