The Wolf King

Here's a piece I completed a few months ago.

Prestonia is a place we found on a USGS map several years back. It's tucked up in the mountains of West Virginia, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wilderness. .We went on a kind of expedition to see what it was. The old roads were still there but were treacherous and a bit frightening. We arrived to find...nothing... However, it ended up being one of our favorite places. Very peaceful and relaxing. Idyllic, with a beautiful river so clean that it churns blue in some places. We go up there a lot to camp now.

I did an internet search after we returned from the initial trip and found that had been an old logging town that was founded in the late 1800s and disappeared back in the 1920s. From what I could find, life was tough there. The townspeople were basically slaves, cut off from civilization and completely dependent on the logging company. There wasn't a whole lot of information, but I did find one interesting snippet about wolves attacking some children. I thought the juxtaposition of that with the amazing beauty and solitude of the setting would make for a great tragic story. I set out to write a suite, the idea being a sort of play on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I planned out five parts and began to work on it.

I made it about halfway through the fourth part and suddenly realized it wasn't working. At all. It lacked something. A lot of something. I had put so much into it that I became a little disillusioned with composing. I put it away and couldn't even give it another listen for six or seven monthsa. .

This spring, having learned a little more, matured a little more, I went back over it and realized there were some good motifs and interesting parts that could be salvaged. Most were from the third piece, The Wolf King.

So I took some of the better parts from the other pieces and worked on combining them into a new stand-alone Wolf King. This is the first (completed) song I've ever written in 6/8 time.



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  • Cool piece. Very nice orchestration.

    I'm sort of with Rowy in this: every 10 seconds sounds great, but every 10 seconds also seems to be a new idea. I'm not getting a sense of unity.

    Also I wonder if you're not too much tempted to use the whole palette of colors all the time. Just because you have a big orchestral sample library doesn't mean you need to use all of it all the time.....

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