The Townsfolk

So along with my more traditional classical music that I've shared here, I also do a fair amount of electronic / electro-acoustic instrumental work as well, in a more modern style and flair. 

I'm curious for thoughts on this piece- most importantly the mix, and anything composition wise that could be improved. 

This piece is part of an upcoming album under an independent music project that I've been running for several years now- the album tells a story, through music only and no words, of a nautical, "Coastal themed" adventure from start to finish. 

This particular piece is the musical interpretation of just arriving into town after a long sail. Mingling with the locals, meeting new people, and activity buzzing and bustling about. 

I had a few targets:

I wanted the many guitar parts to have their own space in the mix, so if a listener tried to hone in and listen to any individual guitar voice, they could do so. The many guitar parts are meant to be a musical representation of witnessing many activities happening about in the town, sort of as if you arrive, and you just start to look around and take it all in - you see so many things happening and going in different directions. 

Due to the lack of vocals, I tried to have a pretty clear melody stand out at almost all times - the melody is executed by a few guitar voices that pass it back and forth here and there, but I had hoped it remained clear at all times.

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  • Thanks for the suggestions Bob!

    The place where this particular track lands in the album is right after the track that portrays the long journey- it is a long journey to a new location, the later tracks on the album portray the return journey. So this piece is kind of the breath of fresh air you may take when you get out of your car, after a long drive to a new location or destination-  you just want to get out and explore, check out what is going on. 

    I had similar thoughts on the guitar parts being too similar - they are all recorded with the same guitar after all. I could have used different guitar, which would have been the best solution, but I think another may be to apply distinctly different processing on the individual parts. 

    Thanks for listening 

  • David, I enjoyed it , but I kinda agree with Dave. The 'voices' could use a bit of

    dictinction from each other. The concept is good, the tempo is forward and upbeat,

    but it lacks a bit of dimension that could be enhanced by enriching the flavors of the

    parts. Double picking, tone, wa wa  etc.  I hear potential that just needs some

    polishing to make the conversation more than a run on sentence, if you know what I mean.

    ( just the opinion of an amateur- for what it's worth)

  • Neat piece David. For some reason I hear Gregorio's jaw harp fitting into this.

  • Very enjoyable piece.  I could hear melodies throughout. It seemed to flow well without too much repetition.  Good work.

  • For the record, I have not stated anywhere this piece was the one with 9 parts - I believe there are 5 in this work. The 9 part guitar work, which Dave may be referencing from when I mentioned so in the controversial "Miniatures" thread, is another track that will be on this album, and I am still struggling with that mix. 

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