Hello everyone,
I leave you here a composition inspired in the movie The Time Machine, the scene in which the scientist Alexander Hartdegen has traveled to the future, where humanity lives in a tribal way and technology as we know it does not exists.
I have titled the topic, Ancient World, I hope you like it :-),



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        • Yes, I understand you :-), to learn new things it's important put time :-) , each hardware needs dedication :-) . I hink that you can obtain great results with SWAN :-) Good Luck!! :-)

  • Loved this music.  It reminded me of something that could be in the next Avatar movie.  Very professional sounding.  

    I use Notion 6.  It's a love/hate relationship. I went and bought one of the better DAWs and Spitfire BBCSO Pro a while back and it beat me down.  lol.  The learning was slow and I started resenting that I was spending the time trying to learn it when I could be writing.  I need to go give it another shot.  I think most of it is just resisting change. 

    But it is a major change.    

    • Hi Douglas, Thanks a lot for you beautiful comment about my music. Would be amazing create the soundtrack for AVATAR :-) a Dream :-)
      I work with cubase since 20 years ago, but today exist very good sequencers to work.

      I think a sequencer is our particular set of players. There is a technical part, midi, virtual instrument positioning, reverbs, equalization, etc. It takes time and patience to learn these things :-). You have a very good sound library, you can compose whatever you want :-)

      Greetings! :-)



  • Hi Luis! That really does catch the sadness and the stubborn energy of the hero in the movie. It sounds South American without appropriating indigenous music. Searching for your lost heart in a tribal world! Thank you for the gift.

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