Hello everyone,
I leave you here a composition inspired in the movie The Time Machine, the scene in which the scientist Alexander Hartdegen has traveled to the future, where humanity lives in a tribal way and technology as we know it does not exists.
I have titled the topic, Ancient World, I hope you like it :-),



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  • I enjoyed this. I am studying and working everyday to bring my DAW to life like you have here. So I was initially enthralled in the excellence here of that aspect.

    But I also like that you spark up the World Instruments/Soundtrack genre with a superior sense of and surprising dash of melody. And I appreciated the chorus that enters being an unexpected type rather than the "Carmina Burana" type.

    I envy the sound you are getting!

    • Hi Damon, Thank you for your beautiful words about my musical composition.

      A good sound I think depends on several things. I'm sure you already have them in mind, but this forum is made for sharing, right? :-) I'll explain what things I do to compose music:

      1. I consider the musical idea / story with Piano.
      For me, composing music is like explaining a story: Presentation, Development, Problems or challenges, character evolution, overcoming and finally ending.

      2- Instruments that I will use to orchestrate.

      3- Transfer the piano melody to the orchestration

      4- Define the dialogue between instruments and their role throughout the musical piece. For me it´s like  talk to several people, if they all talk about different things, nobody understands anything.

      5- A good sound library is important, but I think the expression you give it with your DAW is very important: Expression, Modulation, Pitch, Cadence, etc...

      6- If I can and have time, I use real instruments. I played some percusion of Ancient World with real drums.

      7- The final mix: Reverv, EQ, distribution of the instruments in space.

      I give you some images, it is from a course that I give on creating music and sound effects for video games, but it is totally applicable to film music, etc ...



      • Thanks, Luis! I only hope for replies this helpful.

        I spent my adult life as a truck driver with a family hit hard with illness. I was needed elsewhere, badly.

        Much has resolved since I was able to retire early and pursue the music I've been waiting to do since my teenage years.

        I'm 5 years into self-study of music and DAW technology now.

        My biggest surprise is that DAWs do not give great sound! You can buy one and still only have a score-reader MIDI sound in the end.

        So I have begun "hand-stiching" expression into my pieces.

        If you have time, listen to 3 minutes of my current piece below. You should hear the expression I've put into the piano and flute lead voices.

        Where I still come up short is overall sound. I'm trying to set my pieces into a modern day Jazz recording environment. Where all instruments are heard fully but still made to blend. But I go from either too harsh or too flat and muddy. Can't find the in-between! Probably a mis-use of compressors....

        I've gone on too long but thank you 🤩 for the study materials you attached!

        Listen to Pickfair Drive - New! - Patched and Resurfaced by Damon R. Mathews on #SoundCloud

        • Hi Damon,
          I heard your piece of music. You have creativity and potential :-) , don´t stop! :-)
          Today's DAWs can deliver great quality, a Daw/ computer carries out your orders.
          I work with Cubase and you can find sound libraries with high quality of sound. You can find in Native intruments, Steinberg, East West sounds ( ComposerCloud) very accesible price. I recomend listen the demos. You can work with, Cubase, Reason, Protools, Logic Audio, Cakewalk, Ableton, etc....
          I recommend to you work with the spacial distribution of the instruments. Now your musical piece sounds very near of the "micophones" and the instruments needs to be distributed.
          Your piece needs to be " humanized", the percussion and the winds, the percussion is too much quantized and needs expression, for example, the sample of snares need "layers" of impact with the drum skin. The humans are not perfect :-) , your piece needs imperfection :-)
          You can fin good reverbs to put your instruments in the " Space"


          Greetings :-)


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          • Thanks again, Luis!

            Especially the free plug Ins page. I work with Reason and there are already quite a few of the built-in samples that seem unusable to me. Can't be fixed with effects.

            So, maybe better sample libraries is what I need to hear next.

            I appreciate your time.


            • You´re welcome :-)


  • Interesting moves of percussion and woodwinds! Well done!

    Check out my scores: https://musescore.com/user/35564663

    Master Patrick | Musescore.com
  • I can hear you're a professional sound designer. I could never reach such a high level. Too much of an old fashioned composer I guess. Did my study when there were no virtual instruments and DAWs. I'm only good with a pencil and paper. Might I ask you which solo strings you prefer? I'm trying to make a string quartet sound reasonable (not real, just reasonable). At the moment I use SWAM solo strings, but everybody keeps telling me they are no good.

    • Hi Rowi :-) , Thanks :-)

      Yes, I´m sound designer, music composer & sound engineer :-) ...I have a problem :-) .... I like too many things .... ;-)

      The violín it´s a very expressive instrument, with a lot of possibilities for the interpreter, it´s very complex obtain a virtual instrument perfect.
      Swan violin , in my opinion, at the moment it´s the best virtual instrument and too Finger Fiddle http://www.fingerfiddleapp.com/ but Finger Fiddle isn´t controled with midi and only runs in Ipad, but the sound...wow...amazing. It´s very important work with all the parameters of the plug-in Sawn and give the imperfectión of a real interpreter. May be, if you don´t like the technicals aspects of the midi controllers you can use a keyboard like Seaboard https://roli.com/products/seaboard/rise-49

      Greetings! :-)


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      • Thanks, Luis. The Seaboard looks interesting, but I'll never get used to it. I guess I'll just keep fiddling SWAM solo strings :-)

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