The Solo Classical Guitar repertiore

Hello fellow people who spend hours staring at pieces of paper hoping to get something of value accomplished (or so it feels like we stare at pieces of paper for hours)! 

Very soon I have to start writing for guitar and flute as part of an assignment for the composition program I am in. Thus lately I have been really into the solo guitar repertoire.

Unfortunately, that repertoire is quite small.

Does anyone have suggestions on recordings from the solo guitar repertoire? I am really interested in hearing this lovely instrument more. 

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  • I have always loved Tarrega. Especially Recuerdos de la Alhambra and Capricho Arabe.

    If you want to get some perspective on how to write for guitar vs other idioms, I recommend taking a look at the Popular Classics of the Great Composers series. These are famous pieces that have been transcribed for classical guitar and really help you to visualize how you can turn music for orchestra or piano, to guitar.

    Bach wrote a bunch of stuff for Lute. Check out the Lute suites.

    Top of the heap, I would say is the Rodrigo Concerto, as well as the concerto's by Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Villa-Lobos

    Something to keep in mind with writing for classical guitar, most of the time it is better to hint at a harmony, rather than figure out some elaborate chord.

    I grew up playing classical guitar by the way. I haven't composed a whole lot for guitar, although I plan on it. These are just observations from playing and listening to guitar music.

  • I'm pretty sure its not the repertoire that's small. You just have not explored it yet.

    I think there are plenty of pieces for classical guitar written from 1900 and later. Look harder Clark!

  • I found a wonderful concerto by Manuel Ponce. Close enough to what I was looking for I guess :D

  • Another great set of pieces are the Venezuelan Waltzes by Antonio Lauro.

  • Do you want my e-mail book on how to write for the classical guitar?

  • I'd like to get a copy.

  • I think I'm fine, I've got enough experience with electric guitar to know how it works

  • private message me if anyone wants a copy - not finished but about 8,000 words so far.

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