This is the closing movement of my suite Music for tired Preachers. It opens with string quartet and horn and then it toss the themes around between the string quartet, the orchestra and in one place a wind quintet.

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  • Here is a link to Spotify, with better sound quality:
    The Sermon (String Quartet & Orchestra)
    Lennart Östman · Song · 2019
  • Hello Lennart,

    I like the piece a lot. It is easy to follow its development and it has an appealing orchestration. For me, the first half is more appealing due to its many contrasting and surprising events. The second part ends with a truly beautiful tutti performance which I would have liked to hear more from. Maybe in another piece?



  • Thanks Kjell! There might be more big tuttis on the horizon. What I want to write now is a bigger suite for orchestra. If that is what will come is another thing.
  • Thank you very much Michael! I’m very happy you liked the piece. Yes, contrast is important and it’s there, like everything else, to support the melody. I was a bit hesitant if I could balance a string quartet and a full orchestra but I think it worked. Another unusual thing about this piece is that although it’s written in 9 movements it has more in common with a rock album than a classical piece. It consists of four movements for string quartet and English horn, two movements for string quartet, two movements for string quartet and orchestra and one movement for English horn and orchestra. I guess that makes it pretty much impossible to get performed.
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