The Sea and Waves Dance Music is the first number of the first Act of my musical drama 'So Long My Motherland'.  It has to be performed by dancers.  This dance is the 12 tone material that is repeated once in a while through the musical.  It is used to create a distancing effect from tonality and feelings.  Atonality is used to accompany songs based on ideas (safety, etc.) where as longing, vigilance etc is accompanied with tonality.

 The score and the mp3 is attached below.







Note: You may find the complete musical drama (music and score) at:


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  • A clever and interesting piece, Ali.

    Recognised the 12-tone row straight away and the fugal opening is impressive.  The selection of notes for the row makes it listenable. The rhythm and overall figuration is perhaps a little persistent but it's a shortish piece and you 'get away with it' partly because of the rhythmic variation you present in bar 20. The rhythm itself is interesting - perhaps just me as I wouldn't have been aware of the 3+2+3 without the score: the downbeats are only implied.

    The close is well done. If you don't mind me saying so you chose just the right instrument to fade out as it does.

    All good, Ali. You've hit on a good dramatic scheme regarding tonality versus atonality. Hopefully I'll get to listen to more as time goes by.

    It's interesting to ponder how it could be shoreographed and whether dance could relate to the sea and waves. (I'm a great fan of the sadly deceased Merce Cunningham, and contemporary dance.) 

    Many thanks and bests,



    • Hi Dane,

      Thank you very much for your diligent comments.

      3+2+3 rhythm came from the idea of making it 4/4.  It could give an option to the careographer I wished.

      Will the dance be something reminiscent from the sea and waves? I do not know.  I was looking for

      something abstract and absolute as much as the sea and waves that might balance the verbal parts of the rest.

      It is a pleasure to read how you express yourself as always.

      I appreciate.


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    • Thank you Michael,

      It is so pleasent to be with all our friends in this forum.  I also enjoy listening all kinds of music

      just for the sake of listening good music rather than a certain type of music.

      Thank you again for your encouraging comments.


  •  At first I thought it was going to be too repetitive, but you did a really good job of adding more in to not let it get tiring.  A good buildup of tension.  I got a picture of a point where the story was changing to the macabre.  Like things are not going to be the same from here on.  A darkness-is-coming sort of feel.   

    For my ears, the ending was just a bit odd, seeming more like the sound was cut off suddenly. Off the top of my head, holding that last note just a bit longer might have let me know you meant to leave us there.  But then again, that was what I expected and maybe you were going for the unexpected! 

    Thanks for letting us listen! 

    • Hi Douglas,

      Your impressions are very precious to me as they are among the first for the musical drama.

      >" I got a picture of a point where the story was changing to the macabre." implies that I could give

      a sense of an approaching danger.  Something like the 'feeling' at the last dinner table.

      >"For my ears, the ending was just a bit odd, seeming more like the sound was cut off suddenly. "

      I assume that there are tables and dining people on the stage and the dancers enter and dance

      in the front part of the stage.  At the end of the dancing, I assume that, the sailor's father rises on

      his table and begins to chant the first song.  It has to be dramatic, sudden movement...

      How it will come up in reality maybe I will never know...

      I greatly appreciate your precious comments.




  • Very modern and atonal yet accessible and enjoyable Ali.  I admire your ability to access complex forms and make them musical, while at the same time I know you enjoy traditional music as well. Thank you for posting.

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