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So...I came to a conclusion after my last song. I'm listening to great composers all the time, trying to learn, and I'm doing them instead of me. I'm comparing my stuff to theirs, which is crazy. I've only been at this for 6 months or so. Unreasonable.

That last song nearly killed me. I think it took over 2 months to write and I struggled hard. I put tons of pressure on myself.  

I wasn't having fun. Why do it, if you're not having fun?

It will come. I need to be more patient, and in the meantime, do what is fun and do what I do well. Just write and continue to learn. Don't worry about anything else.

So, I wasn't even going to write a song. I was just going to go exploring a bit. One day after watching an old movie, I started tinkering with writing my interpretation of movie music. Didn't really plan anything with it, but as I started, I realized I was having fun again. My passion was returning.

So I went with it. This is what came out of it. It's a little scattered. For now, I'm fine with that. No rules. I just had a ton of fun with it. :)

I named it Roman Coin. I have this Roman Coin and every time I touch it, I wonder about where it has been, who has touched it, who carried it in their pocket. All the different stories there. Given the nature of this song, it seemed a good fit.

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Hi, Douglas,

It should always be fun.......... with a few frustrations. And what's the worry about comparing yourself to the greats? I do it without ever pretending to myself that I rank alongside them. They teach me. Being eclectic is important so I don't get caught up with any one. I learned the little I know about orchestration from studying the scores of others.

You've come up with a fine piece, quite an achievement for the level of experience you claim.

I can't comment too much on the piece without a score as it seems, just seems to have been written with notation software that rarely does the underlying music justice. In your piece the strings sound a little weak which is typical of some notation stuff. could also be my ears as I'm suffering a little catarrh trouble at the moment. The harmony progresses well with some surprising twists.

The scoring sounds a little too dense in places but there are very nice moments. and good melodies responsive to development. I particularly liked the way it fell to a lull at around 2'56", the clarinet solo leading out. Trying to hear through the rendering the figures leading up to it were most pleasant.

All in all, a good piece that holds up for its 5 minutes' length.



Hello Doug,

You’re right, relax, don’t force yourself. If you just started to play tennis, it’s still a lot of fun watching the great international tournaments. As long as you have fun writing music it’s “mission successful”.

I remember your previous work “Sunrise Rhapsody”, maybe it nearly killed you but it’s certainly something to be proud of….

About “Roman Coin”:
Good to hear you’re using the entire orchestra, it makes for a colorful palette. I hear some nice rich textures
At 4:04 you start something interesting but it doesn’t develop.

I think, dynamically you could make it more interesting, it misses some dynamic reliëf.

It’s a good piece Doug, well done! Thanks for posting

This is a good sounding, very colorful and expressive piece. You are making good use of orchestra sounds and phrases, harmony and melody. 

What's missing here to my ear, as Joost has noted also, it doesn't seem to breathe or ebb and flow like a story or drama would.  Does music have to do that? No, there's no rule about that really, there's some great stuff out there that doesn't have a lot of that going on but that's the feeling I'm left with here. I'm more likely to put this on and read something else, enjoying the music the whole time don't get me wrong, but still not focusing like I would if you were catching my ear. Like I said, this is well done, I just think you can make it even better.

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