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You cant make this stuff up--AVID once again outdoes itself. Ready to be confused?

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Avid also announced a new naming strategy in their product lines so that each line has the same three tiers: a very basic free entry-level version denoted by the “First” suffix; a consumer or student level with no suffix; and a pro-level version called “Ultimate”.

Thus, the three product levels of the Sibelius family are now:

  • Sibelius First (a new free, entry-level product, to be released in June)
  • Sibelius (formerly Sibelius First)
  • Sibelius Ultimate (formerly Sibelius)

    Ultimately… Who’s on First?

    Let’s get it out of the way: After 20 years of the top-level product being known simply as “Sibelius”, changing the name to “Sibelius Ultimate” is a strange change and, even given the very impressive updates in this latest release, comes off as hyperbolic. Avid is prone to announcing things as “revolutionary” and “groundbreaking” on a regular basis, so we will take that all with a bit of a shrug, though perhaps a different descriptor (think Logic Pro or Cubase Pro) would have been more appropriate, if pedestrian-sounding. Why not go for broke and add an exclamation point and italics: Sibelius Ultimate!

    Sarcasm aside, the stranger change is re-positioning the educational product as “Sibelius”, which no doubt will be a source of unnecessary confusion, at least for the short-term. Calling the educational-level product the same thing as the overall product line, which itself was the same name as the pro program until today, well, it’s a head-scratcher.

    I do understand the desire to harmonize Sibelius with the Pro Tools and Media Composer products (there is no “HD” version of Sibelius) but it’s a little ham-fisted. The Cubase lineup is an example of how this could be clearer: “Cubase” refers to the product line, and then there’s “Cubase Pro”, “Cubase Artist”, and “Cubase Elements” to delineate the various versions.

    Perhaps it’s a larger strategy to get more customers in the door at the lower price point of (the new) Sibelius, or even the free Sibelius First, and then entice them with the “Ultimate” upgrade later on. Ah well, in any event, I have degrees in music composition, not in marketing, so we’ll leave it there. As mentioned earlier, let’s not let the marketing department rain on what is otherwise a very nice parade.

    Avid has provided a detailed series of searchable charts comparing the Sibelius three tiers on the Sibelius product web site


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