The Neglected Quintet

Been a long while since I have posted here.   Kudos to Gav for keeping the site rolling.

Here is a piece that I did several years ago for woodwind ensemble. The title refers to the fact that I wrote the first half of the piece and then let it sit unfinished for months.  One afternoon, I sat down at the computer and the second half of the piece fell right into place.

I have recently been creating videos for my various pieces.  The accompanying video for this one is intended to match the melancholy mood of the piece.   The images portray a "then" and "now" comparison of the (formerly) industrial South Side of Milwaukee where I grew up.

Comments and feedback welcome.

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  • Hi T.T., 

    This seems to me an effective use of the instrumentation, particularly the harp, without which I don't think the piece would have communicated the melancholy you strove for. It is well done, congratulations! 


    p.s. a score would be interesting

    Thanks Gav!  I do think that it is the harp part that ties it all together.  Not crazy about the sample that I used (Garritan), but it was what I had available. (Then again, I don't think Ive ever heard a really outstanding harp sample). 

  • I agree, the harp and the rhythm tied this all together for me. Melancholic would be a fitting description here in my view as well.

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