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This is mood music mainly designed for relaxation. I am learning the workings of a new harp vst I just picked up on a Valantine's day sale. 

The Mystery

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This is very relaxing indeed, Tim. I felt the alpha waves oozing through my brain almost immediately (please pardon the psychobabble). Only problem: it's way too short! But then, if followed by similarly relaxing selections, that would not be a problem.

BTW, you're on the Sonar-now-Cakewalk-by Bandlab forum also, right?

I'm just back from a Zumba session and need to relax with a nice cuppa. I liked the music but felt it a little too turbulent to be relaxing.

Fine piece but not relaxation music unless played very quietly. Also agree with the Michael Dernier's comment - too short unless an episode in something considerably longer. For a "new age" type relaxation, 20 minutes would be nearer the mark. 

@micheal diemer, Thank you for your comments. I am planning to make a playlist of these kinds of tunes. Maybe I'll string them together.

Yes I am a long time user of Cakewalk. I think I seem you over there :). It's kinda tough for a person into other types of music to hang with a bunch of aging rockers lol. Great guys though. I have great respect for all of them.Thanks for listening!

@Saul Dzorelashvili, Thank you for listening!

@Dane Auburn, This is always a difficult thing to do in making the music relaxing, yet adding changes. I guess I still need to get the recipe down better. Hopefully I can make a playlist of more material that will be sequentially played.

Here is another potential composition made with harp to follow it.

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