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A kind of ballad..

Thank you for listening.

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gregorio X said:


HS... I think I have the score somewhere - (I ended up doing 2 variations)  Should I send you the score, or just post a link for the audio?

Just the link would be fine. Just wanted to hear your version again, to compare with my own. :-)

Theme%20for%20variation%20Final%206%20perfect.mp3   hey HS, here, you can hear the theme, (if you can separate it from my treatment of it :)

ps.. Would you mind posting here a link - sound file- of your version? I would enjoy listening again.

The version I posted is still accessible in that ancient thread in this comment of mine. It even still has the score too. I don't know what got into me when I wrote that comment, though. It was a lot more ascerbic than it by all rights ought to be. But regardless, the music is there, and I still think it's pretty good, if I do say so myself. :-P

Very nice Gregorio and very skillfully done. Whether scored or improvised it is still a question of emphasis and phrasing and you obviously have listened carefully to the jazz masters. And after all, jazz is often very romantic and there is cross pollination between the two genres so I think it would be difficult to play ballad jazz and not have some classical romantic influence. 

Thank you, Ingo. I appreciate your ears taking this in, and offering your thoughts.

"jazz is often very romantic and there is cross pollination between the two genres"

I think so, as well.

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