Hi I've just joined the forum and this is my first post in this section.


Be as brutal as you want it's all good.


I would really like to have honest comments.


Does it remind you of anything?

What can you imagine?

What is the sound quality like?

Do you hate it?

Is it Boring?


Cheers everyone. I'll be checking in daily as I'm off for the summer hols at the min.



The Legion.mp3

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  • Very cool, I could definately see this in a video game.
  • Thanks Stephen much appreciated
  • Ah Ha thankyou Ray. Why is it Boring? I have some answers to this but would like to see what you say. This is still a work in progress and could be changed obviously.


    You say listen to more epic stuff. What exactly?


    I'm using:

    a PC

    Cubase 6 full version

    The Complete Composer Collection which has if you don't know

    Symphonic Orchestra Gold

    Stormdrum 2

    Choirs and Voices of passion




    I also have the ccc by peter sziedlaczek


    I also played my guitar in then used the VST amp rack for the distortion.


    Did it sound quiet in your speakers?


    Cheers for the feedback.

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