The Last Blossom

I have zilch knowledge about music grammar and can't say I've heard a lot either. This is a simplistic composition based on a single idea and sprung up from a single loop, weeded up rather. I would love to hear your comments and criticism. Regards, Asevenc.(Abhik Chatterjee)

the last blossom.mp3

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  • !!!
    I never have had such a detailed observer of my music, which alone elates me to extremity. I cannot thank you enough for listening to this piece so minutely.

    I have already started re-working on this piece, and will surely make many changes according to you advice.

    And about grammar, I almost stand by my ignorance.
    Perhaps my statement about not hearing a lot was exaggerated bit too far !

    I again thank you immensely for giving my little piece so much attention.
    I am humbled.

    EA Goodwin said:
    You have zilch knowledge about music grammar and can't say you've heard a lot either? I'm not quite sure what that means, especially the part about not having heard a lot. Are you saying you haven't spent much time in your life listening to music? :) In any case, here are my comments.

    So, this captures my interest immediately with the theme you set out that becomes not just an underlying theme to the melodies that later come in but it in fact has the effect of a drone - or of a droning - that stays with the peice until the last 30 odd seconds. I feel this is the strongest aspect to this peice because it glues everything together.

    Appropriately, you bring in the flute after we have heard the underlying theme about two or two and a half times. The melodies by the flute are pretty and expressive and, I think, rather like an elegy. Then you bring in another flute (I think) and the instruments blend nicely - for a bit. At about 1:18 I start to hear some dissonances and while dissonances would be a good thing in a peice like this, there are a few in here that I think are either too jarring or not well placed or just due to clumsy noteleading. At 1:33, you jump down rather ungracefully interval-wise. I think you need a smoother transition here. At 1:50 you do something different again (that I'm a little unsure of) and then by 2:00 I feel the 'moodiness" all the way through to 2:30 and then at 2:33, the droning stops, something I can't quite decide whether I like or approve of or not.

    I think there are aspects of this peice that need to be worked on but I really like a lot of what you're doing here. It's very melancoly and sad and I can literally "feel the petals falling off the blossom one by one." Take a close listen to what you have produced here and perhaps see if you can pick up a bit of knowledge in terms of music grammar. It might give you the tools you need to make this into something really special.
  • Thanks for listening !
    I agree. I was just talking about studying music in the literal sense. But I know it almost doesn't matter in many cases.
    Thank you again !

    Fredrick zinos said:
    The fact is, no one knows very much about music. I rather expect that the differences between the most knowledgeable and the least are really miniscule when compared to all that could be known.

    Your little piece contains a nice idea, quite as valid as any other. Keep working. There are no short cuts.
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