The Journey - Film Score

Hello everyone!


I am new to this forum and I wanted to share an orchestral piece I completed recently.

It's written in the vein of an adventure film score and produced with the EWQL orchestra.

I hope you enjoy it - would love to hear some opinions/critiques! :-)


Here's the link, with some (self-made) picture that inspired me:

The Journey


Besides, I've attached the orchestral score, for anyone who's interested.



~ Keman

The Journey.pdf

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  • The more I browse these forums the more I see that there a lot of extremely talented composers out there..

    You're the latest.. very cool.


    One thing I might suggest is the wind instrument playing the lead at the beginning and at end - because of the nature electronic orchestras it sounds like it's skipping.. (just repeating the opening sounds like an exact copy.. because it is.) - I might suggest either changing the orchestration (dropping out the driving drums, or strings or something), or playing melody further down or up the scale at the closing. Just something to differentiate it from the beginning.

  • Incredible!  I love your work (this and others on your YouTube channel). It's amazing what you are doing with EWQL.


    On "The Journey": I think a little modulation could go a long way.  Maybe on the recapitulation of the theme, for example. 

    Also, it would be really cool if there were any way you could find access to a live choir, I can just hear you doing something with it around 2:41!


    Overall - the piece is inspiring and invigorating.  I especially love the string arpeggiation with the floating melodies over the top as well as the pounding (but subdued) percussion.  The mix is well produced.  There are a few mini moments of "MIDI-ness", but they are rare.


    AWESOME Job!

  • Very pro work,awesome clear sound and rich orchestral progression!!well done!!!
  • It sounds... so rich. Almost too rich. Have you done any excessive processing to the tracks, or was it just basic stuff (expression, voluming, panning)?


    As for the composition itself... I felt very happy that despite the recently popular Zimmerish style that you seem to influenced by, you also managed to add certain flavour to the piece (duduk, bah, I love it :)) and thus make it pretty unique. Honestly I was quite disappointed by the ending though - I expected more power and instead it ceases so abruptly, almost as if you suddenly ran out of disk space for recording. Other than that - good job.


    I checked some other tracks on your channel. Porcelain Doll is, well... disturbing. Certainly interesting, although it hurts to listen to all the scratching on headphones :) I liked Pleocyemata too. So simple and soothing.

  • Thanks a lot for all these replies!


    I just panned and volumed the tracks.

    I probably should have worked more on the ending, but the rest of the piece had already taken many, many hours to finish. Plus, I wanted to hand it in for an exam (along with other pieces) and was running out of time...


    Porcelain Doll is... a fail! :P

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