I am creating this thread mainly for fellow composer Tristan, but I feel that these link can benefit any motivated composer who is just starting out or is completely self-taught and would like to resources to better their classical concert writing abilities.

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  • Brilliant info, thanks very much for the help so far!

  • An excellent thread, Tyler. I'm sure many people have gained a lot from these links.

    Personally, I'm finding the ear training exercises very helpful. It's been a long term goal of mine, to attain perfect pitch. This will certainly help!

    Thanks again!

  • Awesome, thanks.

  • How many of you are considering joining any of these online classes which begin March and April 2013? Register through coursera for these free classes on music production, songwriting,  improvisation and guitar. 



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  • I'm signed up for the Songwriting and Improvisation classes. :)

  • Hurray!!!!!!!!!! 

    Happy Halloween! :)

  • Fantastic!

  • There is an exciting free course from Emory University: Introduction to Sound Design which begins January 28, 2013.

    I have already signed up. https://www.coursera.org/#course/digitalsounddesign

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  • Thank you so very much for posting this. I am a beginner and am relying on self-teaching to help me until I can study composition in university, so any resources are a tremendous help. 

  • Here is a site that has a lot of music theory journals.


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