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I am at a crossroads in that I am unsure of what direction to take musically.

This piece depicts the final conflict between the united planetary forces of evil and the planet earth, the last standing bastion of good in the universe. No that's not it.

This is the grand struggle of Donald Trump versus the Mueller investigation, the fake news media, Kim Jung Il, and the FBI. No.

This is a depiction of the forgotten man in America versus the deep state, the multinational corporations and the military industrial complex. Yeah, that's the ticket.

This is a piece in the (dare I say) epic genre though in a classical sorta way. It may turn into the first movement in a symphony or maybe I'll scrap it and write an opera. Hope you like it and comment.

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There are parts of this I enjoyed very much and were very well done in my opinion.Good job!!

I did however have problems with the section from 2:52-3:41or 3:46..I kind of got lost then started losing interest, but then found myself back on track.

I would also question the dissonances at 5:10 and 5:21--I love dissonance but this I feel didnt work and seems more like possible wrong notes, but it just might be me.

Really good music and thanks so much for posting!

Thanks Bob


     Thanks for listening and commenting.  I did step away from the epic feel of the piece by going into a sing songy major section 2:50 to 3:40.  It may put some people to sleep but it was meant to be a respite from the nonstop strife you get in most epic pieces.  The piece is fairly long so a break in the action seemed appropriate. Actually there are three sections that are not really epic sounding, the beginning starts slowly, the middle major section and the ending.   

At 5:10 I have eighth notes in the treble against triplets in the base.  It is quite a muddle though the dissonant notes do not hit together exactly.  I'm comfortable with the sound because it continues the pattern of the section.  The dissonance is pretty much unavoidable unless I change the structure.

Wonderful. Beautiful and elegant orchestration. To my amateur ears I would classify it as middle classical period, I can hear steps from Beethoven.

Impressive work.



     Thanks for listening.  Beethoven was about as far from my mind as you can get.  Actually some ideas came from Mahler.  I'm not enough into this style to get six or seven movements out of it.  I'll probably put it aside, and come back to it at a latter date. 

     I'm enjoying some of your music on sound cloud.

Law-man, the title of your next project should then be  'Crossroads'.

I thought this started out with an inviting vibe, but @ .46 got 'off track' too early in the development . Polish this up with a bit less 'Tim Burton', and I think you've got something. I heard many moments of interesting phrases and melodic mixture throughout.  I liked the 'segway' @ 5:25  and, all in all, thought this was imaginative and creative. Loved the ending.   RS


     I think you and Bob M. are pointing out two similar spots where the music goes weaker, or the feel of the epic theme, conflict, goes softer.  I didn't intend for there to be a let down early in the intro, so I may punch up this section.  Thanks for the input.  Now if Finale ever gets back to me about my aria player glitch, I can get back to composing.

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