This is a brief introduction, less than a minute, to a larger piece.


Actually there are "Seven Ages" of Man, each one represented by a different set of instruments.  Each time the "age of man theme," or motif, is played, there is different emphasis, tonal range, slightly altered melody, and greatly altered timbre and mood.  Each "age" lasts only about seven seconds.  In sequence, each age is represented by:


1.  Two Large Glockenspiels


2.  Violins, legato and pizzicato.


3.  Brass.  Horns, Trombones, and Tuba.


4.  Woodwinds.  Oboe, English horn and bassoon.


5.  Flute, triangles, woodblock and tam-tam.


Here is the tam-tam:

And the wood block:

6.  A large open concert grand piano.


7.  Large string section.


Visual artworks include paintings of  1) "The Golden Age," 2)"The Silver Age," 3)"The Iron Age," 4) a golden mask of Agamemnon, King of the Achaeans, 5) "The Burning of Troy," and 6) a Medieval War scene.

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    Link on youtube:



  • I liked the music of this miniature. It could potentially explode into a full ouverture and as I see your first tag is entitled "Agamemnon" which leads me to believe that you may have the first play of the "Oresteia" trilogy in mind. It could be interesting to see the ideas developing towards that end, ie writing music for the 1st play or the whole trilogy.

    On the visual side I felt a little disappointed mainly through a lack to include the bronze age between silver and iron ages, but still the music has a lot of potential.

    thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for sharing Ondib!

    I am really excited for this piece. I loved it. I know it's just a sample, but listening to it I got that wonderful feeling in my stomach that I usually get when I hear something great. I just kept wanting to hear more and more. 

    Just listening to it inspired me and I kept hearing how I would continue the piece if it were mine. 

    I really like what you did here and like Socrates said, it really does have tremendous potential. Good job - Keep us posted!

  • Thank you, Bobby, for 

    your very gracious remarks.


    I am hard at work on the material which follows, and almost finished.


    I usually have some sort of visual accompaniment, and in this case (for the first time), I actually have a public domain film I am using in conjunction with the whole composition.  I will put this online soon.




    I appreciate your interest and encouragement.


    Thanks to Socrates, also.  Although I did not have the Orestia specifically in mind (more simply Agamemnon's role as participant in the Trojan War), classical Greek drama, mythology and Athenian philosophy are often in my mind.

    The longer work perhaps requires a synthesis of Greek Classical Mythology with Dada and Surrealism, though I am not sure that's easily done on the visual side, given the material I have from the film I mentioned.


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