• Hi, Roman.

    I enjoyed it and wanted to hear the entire performance. Can you post the whole performance? Maybe there's a video?

    It would help to know the context of this "final song".  Is it the ending of a story?  What is the story?  Or is it the "final song" the kids sing just before the year ends at midnight?

    Maybe you can use the help of an online translator -- use one of the following two options! (Why not? They work pretty well!)

    In any case, I enjoyed listening to this "New Year final song", and the sound of the horse trot in particular seemed fitting and delightful.

    On your home page you have 2 FABULOUS pieces for guitar ("con moto" and "2 allegro") that I have listened to several times, so I'm on the lookout for more compositions from you.


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  • Hi, Mariza. Thank you for your comment. it inspires me. New Year song from the play that is not yet written. I only conceive this spectacle. I compose music just half a year and had time to do two operas completely. One orchestration is now doing. In March 2016 will premiere performance. 

    If I found a co-author, which would make the English translation of my opera, I would be happy. maybe it could be performed in an English speaking country.
    you can advise me of such a person. or site or literary forum where I can find? I am writing in Ukrainian and Russian.


  • Hi, Roman.

    That must be really exciting to have an opera of your own performed next year. It must be really very good.
    Where did you study composition? It would be interesting to know what kind of studies you went through.

    On the question about how to get an opera translated to English, unfortunately I cannot help, since I don't personally
    know the right person to do it. It would need to be someone with a good understanding of what works for the different voices,
    and what works in an opera. I wish that somebody else here on the forum has some idea of where you could go looking for
    a proper translator.

  • Roman,

    I finally realized that your 2 operas are for children. Is that correct? They're operas with children themes and sung by children?

    I can try to find someone who will translate them into English. How much text is it? Are they written in Ukranian right now?

  • Hi Mariza. Opera is called Little Red Riding Hood. is a European fairy tale about a young girl and a Big Bad Wolf. 

    sing in the opera professional opera singers. performing tasks for actors rather complicated. The opera will be performed in Kiev municipal opera and ballet academician teatre for Children and youth. I worked in the theater as an opera singer.I think I will play the role of a wolf.this opera audiences are children and probably their parents, too.opera written in the Ukrainian language.  libretto, lyrics of songs, music written by me.I'm not a professional composer. I am a professional singer. only recently I started writing music for the theater.I hope I will continue to do so.Thank you, Mariza for your attention to my work.


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