Hello people! Due to the desire that I have to watch the second part of "The Hobbit", I decided a few weeks ago to start a small saga of epic music to honor this immortal book. This saga will have, in principle, 4 chapters: Chapter 1: "The Adventure Begins" Chapter 2: "The Lonely Mountain" Chapter 3: "Smaug and Barrel Rider" Chapter 4: "The attack on the Town Lake" I put here the first chapter, in which Bilbo and the thirteen dwarves prepare to leave the Shire to undertake their adventure: to reclaim Erebor, the lost kingdom of the dwarves, and get the legendary treasure from the jaws of Smaug, the Golden Dragon http://youtu.be/Pb5_t2Ro8J4

I hope you like it :) Let's see if I'm taking time for the second chapter. Greetings!


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