• Hi! 

    Was it really intended to be only orchestral work? Not a soundtrack for a game or something like that?

    Considering these movements as pieces for soundtrack of a computer game- great work! I really like it! It reminds me music from rpg's like Gothic series.

  • I think, this music not like that, than a film music. I didn't make it to film or game music. Why do you think this?  

  • Thank you for your comment! 

  • For me it would be perfect for a game- it has nice adventurous and even magical mood. I even think that it makes less impression as a seperate orchestral piece. As a backgroud it's cool though.

  • I can see why some might think this is film music, but my impression was that it can certainly stand alone. Perhaps it is more closely related to Impressionism? In any case, a lovely piece, well done Oliver.

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