Hey Guys,

This is the first time posting here since a few years. I had wanted to share a new piece that I've worked hard on since January of 2015. They are one piece but i decided to split them into four for easier listening.

What do you all think?

The Crucifixion - kingdom of heaven
The Crucifixion - I tell you the truth
The Crucifixion - I love you
The Crucifixion - Believe

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  • If there is no score then it's not a symphonic poem, it's just another epic DAW hero track. You have some colorful orchestration in the first movement, and I liked the supporting accompanying passages to your solos but then again those could be prerecorded pads for all we know and not based on your orchestration abilities. The 2nd movement's drums seem out of place and then your cliche string ostinato patterns lost their momentum from the longer passages in the brass. The 3rd movement is not pretty or moving enough to be called I love you, and you need to know how to write those choir phrases for real life performers to be considered an art piece. The final movement like the rest of the work was simply a series of modulations and variants of a theme but it never reached its goal. It was though we took a 45 minute trip and did not reach where we were going. No climax, no payoff, no inspired moment to take with us when the music stopped. The entire mood of the piece was the new star trek theme meets Wagner mixed with score of The Passion. Work on scoring your music if your goal is to be a true artist for classical forms.
  • I loved it and it's very cinematic but I couldn't find a spiritual mood. If you had named it differently, I would have perhaps more appropriate expectations. It is a great showpiece If you want to present yourself as a composer for films.
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