The Anatomy of an Epic Soundtrack (Spoof)

A friend visited my studio and suggested we compose a send-up of that classic Hollywood staple, the trailer to an epic sci-fi movie. We each added the musical gestures we thought distinguish the genre and posted the results on YouTube as a public service to aspiring composers who wonder how Hans Zimmer and John Williams (whom we love) do their magic. Enjoy this bit of musical satire! If it puts a smile on your face, share it with a friend who knows and understands music!


August & Diego

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  • hee hee *snicker*

    thats cute....

    seems like the sort of thing one would have expected to see on "MadTV" or Saturday Night LIve....

    personally, I like to "envision" great and powerful men... sitting around in their boxers, coffee stain on a wife beater tshirt... annoying the "wife" with questions like....

    "Honey! HON-ey!"

    "What now, dear?"

    "Honey... come SEE this !!!"

    "Oh... thats funny, whats the problem?"

    "Do... do you... do think its, uhm, possible... that... that I have fallen into "schlock"? That I'm past my prime? Guys like THIS GUY used to WORSHIP me.... wahted to BE me... now? Its like they figured out my name just gets thrown around so OTHER big names join a project early enough to mke it "big", you know?"

    "Damm!t, Daniel Elfman! I am NOT going to buy real coffee any more, youre going to get WAL MART INSTANT CAFFEIE FREE COFFEE, if you dont knock this crap off !! Its an internet joke! Go to sleep! LOOK at yourself, youre a MESS."


    I like to PICTURE great men are... well, normal people too...

    (I still think its funny eough t pitch the idea to saturday night live to introduce a funny skit, hee hee)

  • That is a very creative idea for a SNL skit! Why don't you write it up and submit it? It's brilliant, actually!

  • Love it!

  • Glad to hear it!

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