It was very an interesting experience to compose this year for the BIFSC
Although I did not make it to the short list I am happy of what I have composed and glad to share it here

I cannot share the music with the BIFSC video for copyright restriction though

The track is composed based on the orchestral template FLOW with 100% spitfire audio libraries, will publish soon a behind the scene
If you want to discover FLOW give a look here

This is the composition, hope you will like it :)

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  • Marco,

    Excuse my lack of knowledge, but what is BIFSC?


  • Hi,

    it is a film scoring competition

    a nice one actually

  • Thank you for that information - I have subscribed and will be entering any new competitions that come up. However, having said that, if I'm up against music of this extraordinarily descriptive and emotive quality I might be flogging a dead horse. 

    In short, this is most impressive and enjoyable - very professionally done.

    If you don't mind me asking, what did you use to produce this - I'm presuming it was a DAW but would be interested to see what else you've used.

    I see there have so far been 28 views of your post and I'm the first to respond - everyone fast asleep I wonder?


  • Hi Stephan,

    Thanks for the appreciation!

    For composing this I am using Cubase as a DAW, Vienna Ensemble Pro to host VST and all spitfire Audio libraries.

    to be more precise I have done this using an integration work I have done called FLOW, that lets you control all this application from the tablet using Lemur application.

    do not hesitate to subscribe to my channel, I am working on a behind the scene video showing how it has been composed and rendered, mixed and mastered!



  • Thanks Marco - I'll subscribe for sure and look forward to seeing the video.



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