•  Hi Ali,

    This one sounds fairly liturgical and supplicatory, well in keeping with the thanks of Thanksgiving. Almost renaissance except for your usual twists of harmony! but as you haven't given us the score I can't point out where it's most noticeable. It could do with a little more dynamic change (particularly to emphasise some of those harmonic changes).

    Nice piece. Were it to continue, a line or two of plainchant would seem appropriate.


    • Hi Dane,

      I agree with the fact that it could do better with a little more dynamic change.  Kamran İnce(my former(?) teacher) scorned me that I am always in the middle of everything and that I do not go to the extremes.  It seems he was right once more.

      Thank you very much for your endless interest.  When is yours coming?

      All the best.

      Note:  He mentioned that cummin be used anywhere else than only meatballs...  I said look at Lyric Suite of Berg, fff is used onlt at one place at the peak... I also remembered that Verklaerte Nacht uses fff in a number of places...  May be it is related with my music being too lyric...  Which Kamran also criticized by my avoiding meliodic leaps at all almost...  This goes on and on like every composition professor and student...


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