Departure for a voyage by ship is an event that goes back centuries to the
antique age when colonies were established by sailors departing from Anatolia.
For examples, some cities of Italy were established by Phocaea people (today
Foça near İzmir - Turkey). Some of the important colonies established by the
Phocaeans known in history are: Alalia (Corsica); Massalia - today Marseille - (France).

So Long My Motherland is a musical drama that tells the departure story of a sailor
from the Levant region of Middle East. The first Act tells the Fairwell -
Last Dinner of the sailor. There are references to the Last Dinner of Jesus Christ
in this section. This is a multi religious work which has direct quotations from Bible
and practices of other religions.

The second Act tells the Sailor's prayer. This has references to the function of
religion in teaching people how to use their subconscious vs their consciousness.

The third Act has the love song of the sailor to her lover being left behind on the land.
The third Act also depicts a storm which the ship passes through and finally the ship sets
on the route for its destiny. There are two important songs at the end.

My Mom's Prayer is one of the beginning songs I wrote first. It tells my feelings
when I was heading for USA on the airplane for a Masters of Music degree.

Thanks Giving is based on my music of We Thank Thee song (lyrics of Ralph Waldo Emmerson)
and developed as the final of the whole work.

I hope you enjoy it. (Thank you Gav for reminding this).

Ali R+


Note: You may find the complete musical drama at:

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  • Good day, Ali.

    Some smooth harmony that fits the words that seem properly stressed (on the downbeats)..

    The harmony is fairly unvarying though, which you can get away with as the piece is just under two minutes. There are a couple of places where you seemed ready to prepare for a shift in harmony - bars 52 and 58. I was expecting some sort of change there as they could be pivot chords to new harmony.

    Altogether a nice episode. I so hope you can get this performed to bring out the expressive qualities the score offers. (Because of the presentation I couldn't easily look at the score as a whole but there are times when the singers could take advantage of dynamic change.)



    • Hi Dane,

      Thank you very much for your comments and wishes.

      Yes, I checked bars 52 and 58 they could well be departing points for other harmanies.

      But my concern in this piece was to finish a one hour music and give a resting feeling to the listener.  

      I used 12 tone as an element of abstraction through the work.  The sea and waves dance music is an abstraction of the sea depicted by the dancers (hopefully in the future).  Also,

      the cry of the sailor's mom uses Federal Aviation Authority's documents for its warnings.   Also the Sailor's prayer in the third act discusses the necessity of belief and also the importance of belief in safety systems.  They are all done with 12 tone technique.

      After all these abstractions in Thanks Giving, feelings are handled with tonality mixed with Shoenbergian approaches.  Love is completely tonal.

      I tried to balance atonal, 12 tone sections with clear/clean tonal material to keep the listener awake.  So that is the reason I sufficed with simplicity at the end.

      Thank you again for your kind interest.



  • A traditional choral piece with a few unusual chord choices -

    Thanks for sharing!


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