Hello to all members,

Special thanks to all who contributed to the Annual Donation Campaign this year! You gave $80, and it's much appreciated! It says that among a world of free forums which are out there, you found that this one was worth helping to pay for. The campaign is now over and the site will be renewed for another year on November 1st.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can still do so under the Donate menu!

Until next year,

on behalf of the management of the Composers' Forum

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  • This is a very honourable post considering the paltry amount donated, particularly bearing on mind the number of people who utilise the Forum. I don't know who makes up the shortfall but suspect it's you Gav.

    Many thanks for running a great site - I don't utilise it half as much as I would like due to considerable calls on my time in other spheres, but have great respect for what you do and the way you do it.

    Next year I'll triple my donation and hope you get at least as much, if not more than you need to stay up and running.

    I don't know if it's against your principles but maybe you could make a notional charge of $5 per entrant for the various competitions you run - I know they involve an enormous amount of time from you to administrate them.

  • Thanks for your donation and kind words Stephen! I don’t consider the donations received to be paltry, it is the first time members have been asked to help pay for the site, and every journey begins with one step. I do make up the difference, and in the past, myself and others who run the site have done so. As I stated in recent mailings to the membership, this is a model that can’t be maintained forever, simply because I won’t maintain it. As we have thousands of members, I hope as you do that we will see an increasing commitment to the site when the annual campaign begins again a year from now. I and my former partner began paying for the site last year out of a sense of preserving something of value and use to composers. I myself am also on other composition sites as a member, and in my opinion, this site has some things it offers which simply can’t be found anywhere else. If enough members feel as I do, then we will see an increased financial participation from them and the site can continue. Thanks for your thought about charging an entry fee for the contests, I will consider it
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