This song was very fun to write, and I really hope you metal-heads out there like it, too. :D

My concern is that the piece is not properly concluded, even though it kinda is already. I just didn't want to go that far beyond the 3 minute mark.

Teeth of Winter.pdf

(metal song) v5.mid

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  • Nice piece--I really enjoyed the driving rhythm and the fast pace of the music; it seems appropriate for the title, suggesting something cold and harsh. The different sections work well together, creating good contrast and interest. I especially liked the sections' alternating divisions of 6 sixteenths of a beat into 2 or 3.

    One technique that could be interesting to explore is modulating to a different key for a part of the work; I think this would make good use of the repetition by introducing something slightly different when the listener recognizes a familiar melody or pattern. The ending did feel abrupt, but it could just be the MIDI rendering; sometimes it is effective to have such a sudden ending. However, you could also experiment with adding a final chord or other ways to end a piece.

    Thanks for letting us listen; I enjoyed it!

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