“The Systems out of Chance project was the result of a series of dialogues: a dialogue between image maker Craig Burston

and composer Joe Evans working in collaboration; a dialogue between the subjective and the objective; a dialogue between

chance and structure; a three-way dialogue between text, image and sound.”


Sam Gathercole, art writer, March 2010


A collaboration between composer Joe Evans and image maker Craig Burston resulted in Systems out of Chance being

shown at the Parfitt Gallery, Croydon, March 2010. Six speakers and three portrait monitors were synched to create

an immersive audio-visual triptych born out of a shared love of systems, chaos and the everyday. The Fibonacci

sequence was adopted as a formula to take the initial photographs shown in temporal sequence and transpose

them into other sensory forms.

The soundtrack throws light on Joe’s lightness of touch and knack of making the mathematical sound human and the

chaotic sound warm. Naked piano is within touching distance of low key drones and machine noise.

The companion DVD is the latest result in Craig’s on-going quest to find the beauty within the banal and dark within

light. Lost and discarded gloves are transposed into colour charts and dry descriptions akin to witness statements or blog tags.

Notes: Ltd edition CD/DVD in hand made packaging. DVD comes with exclusive surround sound remix version.

This is the second official release on Runningonair music.

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  • This Q&A session gives a real insight into how “Systems out of Chance” came about and how it was put together. The discussion was as result of Tom’s research into “music visualisation…. looking at Generative Systems and ways that music can be visualised using systems in order to create some form of graphic score as an outcome”. Thanks to Tom for his interest as it certainly helped me to clarify my thoughts regarding the piece.
  • Really nice review of "Systems out of chance" at

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