Symphony Op 5 No 1 "Peak XV"

My first symphony entitled "Peak XV", Early stages at the moment is a full Orchestral Production.

So far i have only completed the first movement which begins at the great mountain for which i set a main theme for, called "the mountain"

As an artist through my stages of creativity i always appreciate critisim and comments, 

they help me alot with inspiration and writing. 

I'll attatch the Main mountain Theme for you to listen to with a teaser video. 

Would love to hear your comments! 



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  • Hi Zander,

    Quite an accomplishment although, if you'll allow me honesty it seems far more about the dark depths and chasms than peaks because of the continuous drone. This is just my opinion: I'm not fond of drones/pedals as the harmony above needs careful handling if it moves away from the basic drone harmonic possibilities. Agreed, you do change it here and there but when you have other parts moving in close proximity after upper-parts come in it gets muddy.

    Some of this is down to the rendering that doesn't allow the upper parts full voice or dynamic variation.

    Have you a score so that we/I can find out in more detail what's going on?

    Anyway, a good start and I look forward to see how following movements evolve.

    All the best,


  • A promising starting point.

    Hard to tell another's which way to go in his artistic expression — I don't feel to be allowed to, at least.

    Still, this primal core deservers to be explored in its the possibilities: wear it in colors, add variation in dynamics and pace.

    Keep us posted about the advancement of your work.


  • It lacks a melodic line and structure. I think creating a cohesive line of melody will give it musicality. Now it sounds that the phrases are done in a random way.

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