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is finished:)

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No sign of a score?

what sign of a score..i don't know what you mean?

Kevin Riley said:

No sign of a score?

Can we have a score in PDF format? Because it's hard to comment a composition based only on a midi-sounding mp3...

you mean partiture/notaton...i'm sorry I never attended music school and I don't know to write's not MIDI, I played it on korg trinity would be great if I can generate notes with Melodyne software or similar if exist...if you have some ideas please share it

I can agree with you Ray that a score is not a requisite for comment it just makes it easier for some members that do not work with DAW etc to create their music. A score for those(including me) helps.

Nobody learned me is obviously not height level composition..actually maybe I can't understand too much professional comment:)

thanks for support! I feel a duty to educate myself in this regard and change of movement format name...but when I finished a couple movements..I'm self-taught pop-rock guitarist...synth is new instrument to me..I always love to listen classical music and admire.

Certainly has some strengths: clear theme(s), nice melody overall, good choice of key.  However, it could be longer and more developed, with some more variation of the theme(s) (I keep putting that s in parentheses because to me it seems as though the second "theme" is really just a variation of the first, although not everyone might agree with me).  It also seems odd to end the piece on a dominant chord.  I'm not saying you have to change it, I'm just telling you my personal opinions :)


thanks for the comment! I will think about the possibilities .. it seems the first B theme (trumpets) is a little boring, it's kind of flat..

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