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Hi, I'd like to present to you the Scherzo in a-minor for my second symphony which I wrote 6 years ago... I hope you will like it :-)


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Hi Gerd,

So nice to hear the scherzo. Really a delicious piece of music in a strict classical atmosphere. Splendid orchestration as well, although I would have expected some more use of the horns (as filling instruments, rhythmic instruments, supporting, solo...). But as I understand, it's a 6 year old piece and I guess you have evolved quite a bit since.

It was a treatment to listen to and most of all an enjoyable Christmas gift!

Merry Christmas full of hope to you and your family,


Well done Gerd, enjoyed listening as always with your music.

As usual for you, Gerd, an accomplished work that defies criticism. I can no more comment on this than I could a Beethoven Scherzo. Classical and energetic. A great contrast between the outer sections and the 'trio'. Love your use of the horns and brass generally.

The balance both in the sound and the structure of the piece is excellent. A most natural ending.

Thank you for the chance to listen.




You clearly have a gift for seeing these instrument combinations in your mind and making it happen.

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