• Enjoyable piece. I figured this must be a string symphony, since I didn't locate any other instuments beside strings. Its opening with a dissonant figure is quite interesting. The mixture between legato, shorts, and pizzicato is understandable, although at some places, I can't quite put them in context. I also hear rather flat in terms of dynamics, or maybe it was intentional like that, but it would be more interesting if we can hear them differently more. I liked the fast pace movement. It's energetic and lively, and it's closed in a most satisfying way! I listened to it until 28.21. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks Sam for listening and your feedback. Glad you enjoyed it! 

      I have programmed it in Sibelius, which has limitations in term of programming the dynamics 



  • Asaad, I certainly think it would help if there was some "sleevenote" to this symphony as it's fairly long and written for strings only. Not quite sure if there are four movements with a very long opener followed by a short and technically very accomplished scherzo. The harmonic language is very individual at the outset which immediately drew my attention and the work has many fine moments but yet there are also times when my attention wanders -- perhaps it's just me not yet having fully got into it or simply that the material is not consistently memorable however well written the work is. But I'm going to be paying more attention to your stuff --just now I have your violin sonata playing and like the beginning of that a good deal.

    The (VSL Cube?) is nice and spacious though too bright for my ears -- VSL tends to need a bit of toning down sometimes in my view.

    • Thank you David for listening and taking the time to comment. 

      It is 5 movements Symphony, the first movement is in the Sonata form. I wanted to call it pathetic, but avoided that as the name is used many times.

      I am still beginner when it comes to programming, so I don't think I got the best out of the cube, specially that I did the programming in Sibelius.

      Thanks for your interest in my other compositions as well. 

      All the best 

      • ok -- at first I did think there were five movements but then in the first two there was some similarity of material so thought the short pause didn't count. Thanks for clarifying this. As regard the programming, I use Dorico and am also not an expert but sometimes a good reverb can help to take the edge off the harshness which is common with some (though not all) virtual instruments.


        • I'm following dorico, it seems better option for production than Sibelius, however not sure how practical it is with the cube, not finding much info online. 


          • Dorico is certainly in general a much better option for music production than Sibelius as it uses the Cubase audio engine and has a pianoroll feature which is becoming increasingly sophisticated. The only exception at present is for NotePerformer users as Sibelius still has one or two features (such as glissandi) which are not yet implemented in the Dorico version.

            For the Cube, there is a complete set of Dorico templates from Symphonic Riot so there's no need to do any work at all. For some background, look at the thread below if you like.


            I, myself, have moved over to the Synchron-ized versions and have written my own Expression Maps which is much easier (and more powerful with things like automated patches according to note length) than the equivalent Sibelius soundsets. VSL have also produced EM's covering many of the Synchron libraries but not the VI Cube unfortunately.

            Introducing the new Articulate Map: complete Dorico support of most of the VSL Super Package
            Symphonic Riot is very happy to announce the release of the new Dorico Articulate Map and of convenient associated Dorico Playback Templates. They a…
            • Thanks for the info and the link. 

              Yes I am aware of Symphonic Riot, but was hoping to see some videos of the work flow and hear results of the cube in dorico. 

              Anyway I think I will demo both dorico and articulate map when I have proper time to spend on it. 

              • yes, the best thing is to simply try it out for yourself when you get some time.


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