Hello everybody, I am currently working on a symphony in A Minor, and these are my sketches.


The first movement(A Minor) - I am having trouble developing this one, if anyone has any ideas on how to transition between passages and such, that would be great


The second movement (A Minor -> D Major) - This one is by far the most developed, though I want to work on expansion, what could make this movement last longer?


The third Movement (B Minor -> A Major -> E Major -> A Minor)  - This one is the least developed, I am having trouble developing something so complex (rhythmically). I want this to end on A Minor, as is would end the symphony quite nicely, but I need to re-introduce the two other themes in A Minor and D major before ending it in A Minor, while developing a B Minor theme in these other keys. This is really tough. Also, does the 9/8 work?


Orchestration will be primarily woodwinds, strings, horns and trumpets. (I want to make sure these sketches are perfect before orchestration, because orchestration is a pain)


So what I need to know


Suggestions on dynamics


Where you feel the symphony hits a rough spot in developement




Can you hear the influence of Stravinsky, Philip Glass, Rachmaninoff, Peter Warlock (Capriol Suite), Dvorak, and Faure? If so, who do you hear and where? I would like to know that I wrote a symphony that shows my musical identity. 


PDFs in post below


be warned, work in progress Thank you



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  • the pdfs are here :D




  • I gave you guys the wrong version of movement 2, here is the correct one




  • In movt 1, you have to really watch your voice-leading and have strong counter-melody.  Because of this, it's hard to decipher where you are trying to go in these composition.
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