•  I really like the classical style, the form i think it's great, the mood in general feels to me between the calm and the mysterious, howevere to me it's not very clear the direction of the whole piece. It seems like it is a soundrack of a film that the listener doesn't know nothing about, and this creates more sense of mistery. Each note is a surprise, but never out of place

    • Thanks Tiziano! Appreciate your listening and comment, I am glad you felt it that way. 

  • Very interesting sonorities. I enjoyed it.

    • Thank you Javier, glad you enjoyed it. 

  • It's immediately obvious that there is a master at work here. The soundworld is not entirely unfamiliar but nevertheless unique and the musical language powerful yet not so easy to assimilate at first hearing. I'm going to listen to this several times to try and get to know it as well as possible. Perhaps your cultural influences including Syrian and Russian are at play here. Would it be possible to provide some programme notes for the work - there's nothing on YouTube and I can't get much info on your website either?

    The rendering is incidentally a showcase for VSL -- it's the sort of music which works very well with the particular slightly cool and analytical nature of the library and you've done an excellent job here.

    • Thanks David for listening. 

      For me it was always about finding my own language and style.

      Beethoven's Symphonies, and the construction of classical period forms was a main inspiration for me. When it comes to cultural influences, there is definitely some natural influence. 

      The Symphony starts with short theme, followed by sonata form, fast theme (theme A) a slow theme (theme B) and then a development, After development section, it is a new slow theme( as a second movement instead of going back to theme A as in traditional form) followed by theme and variations. After, I did a reverse, the slow movement, theme A, to finally finnish with the same intro theme.

      Yes, VSL is great.

      • thanks for these pointers, Asaad. I'll listen again with them in mind.


  • Hi Asaad.
    Just listening as I am writing this.

    I like the development and detail in this work.

    My only comment is I don't feel this is a symphony. It strikes me as being about something that I can't quite decide on.. I could easily see this as a ballet about some issue that would make sense of the dramatic outbursts.


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