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Hi Friends!

It has beent 3 years that I worked with my sampled orchestra. Because of this huge time span, I decided I had to write a piece for full orchestra again.

Feel free to listen to it. I'll appreciate every critique.

P.S.: Be aware, that this is not a symphony in the classical sense. I just cannot decide how to name my pieces.

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Am I eligible to push this thread once? :-) Because I am rather curious how the composition is affecting the audience.

Heya Doc,

Congratulations on your mock-up! Anyone who completes an orchestral piece mocked-up for MIDI has put a lot of work into it. That you came to call your project "finished" is a triumph in its own right.

I hope my criticism will seem constructive. I can be so deft in my evaluation because these flaws are also my own. Yet don't be too hard on yourself as you attempt to improve. We did not grow up in an era (much less situation) when the fabric of music was of whole cloth, so to speak, when those interested in music (and lucky enough to be schooled) would learn the forms early on and also thoroughly, as precursor to further study, so that the forms coursed through the blood and made listening to music easy and writing it hard to imagine without.

I listened to your symphony 3 times and the themes began to grow on me. I must admit, though, I feel the piece is rather trite to be called a "symphony." The length of the piece is fine, but is more a short overture than symphonic. That said, you do have an identifiable subject of rhythmic character (perhaps one might call it a motivic theme) ... which is important ... and a recognizable second subject (1'20"), which provides the needed contrast, and even a 3rd subject (at about 3'00"), which complements the second. But I felt as though the form of the piece didn't do justice to the material (which is not to say that I would advocate adopting traditional sonata form either). My interest did not grow as it should have as I listened to your opening. The second and third subjects of the piece seemed more well thought-out than the opening, and so helped to hold my attention more. These middle sections were a consolation. But your ending disappointed. I got the overall impression that you are a better composer than what my first hearing of the piece would suggest.

I cannot but mention that your first subject is reminiscent of a maritime march, yet the ensuing material doesn't give the listener what's necessary to follow through ... with either a continuation of the jaunty nature of the opening, or a convincing contrast section. Transitions were vague as you moved forward from one section to the next, and ... while an extended coda may no longer be welcome to a modern audience... the return of the first subject was very abrupt and ill-prepared.

Now for what I would do to improve. I would re-write the opening subject to make it unique and memorable, without losing its essence. Make it feel less like a march, for one thing. (For instance, place emphasis on beats other than the first or third. Making the subject's penultimate moment occur at some place other than dead center of the phrase helps.) Rather than a sense of skipping to the playground, give the first subject idiosyncratic character that is nevertheless unmistakeably adult. In addition, fashion it so to make it share some elements with your second subject or, vice-versa, re-work the second subject to make it share elements with your fresh first subject. (I cannot tell you how you might go about this. I struggle to do it myself, and each time the solution is different.) Then do some work on creating more convincing transitions from beginning to end. I don't necessarily mean that the transitions should take a long time, for in most standard works of the concert repertoire transitions occupy about the same time it took to announce the subject that precedes them. And think more carefully about your ending. It is your last opportunity to enhance the listener's experience.

Hoping to be able to follow my own advice,


Hi Dr. Eam.  Thank you for posting.

Light and Fun… Somewhat reminiscent of Britten's "Simple Symphony"…..{perhaps(?), with a dash of Elfman..}  I am sorry to say you lost my attention in the middle section… 


Finally got around to this. Wow! Magnificent! Very dynamic and exciting scoring. The name that occurs to me is "fantasia" -- that's probably more appropriate than "symphony" IMO, since the various themes are only loosely connected with each other.  I enjoyed it a lot. Very nicely done.

Dr. Eam,

I listened 3 times, and I'm not sure what to comment.  I did like the material a lot, so much indeed that I'm not sure why then I didn't really love the piece.  I loved much of its content, but not the piece as a whole so much.  I suspect that Al Johnston may have some good ideas for you.  I wish I could be of more help, but I am not feeling sufficiently intelligent, to be honest.

Certainly you have a lot of talent.  Very good themes, for example.


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