Symphony in C major

Since I got such useful feedback on the G minor symphony I posted a few weeks ago, I thought I'd share another somewhat old piece that I recently produced a decent-sounding version of using NotePerformer.  This one was finished around 2016.  Like the G minor, it's mostly in a very Classical style, though with a few small moments where I consciuosly deviated from that idiom, and it uses a Classical-sized orchestra but is written for modern instruments.  This one, being in C major, is a "trumpets and drums" symphony that at times looks to the late C major symphonies of Haydn and Mozart.  It's about twenty-five minutes long, but please feel free to just listen to an individual movement and let me know if you have any comments or critiques.  Thanks!



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  • another example of your talent for writing this sort of thing -- great fun! As with the G minor, the outer movements seem to be the strongest with so much rhythmical variety and infectious fun. There are certainly less interesting symphonies by Mozart and Haydn never mind the army of routine classical composers who make it to the airwaves. I particularly like the way the development starts off in the first movement -- quite wild. The second movement has more melodic interest than the one in G minor for and really starts to get nice around bar 68, but is spoiled a bit by the over-insistent triplet ostinato which is made worse by being often simply too loud -- typical NotePerformer -- that sort of thing needs to be tamed. NP works generally very nicely in most other situations. The only thing in the symphony which I thought was a bit weak was the minuet trio -- not especially inspired (or is that just me?).

    • Thanks very much for taking the time to listen and for your comments!  I especially appreciate the point about NP making the triplet ostinato too loud in the second movement.  I'm starting to learn some of the extra manipulation of dynamics that's needed to get the best sound out of it.


  • Very nicely done.

    Sounds very grand.

    I love this music.

    • Thanks for listening!

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