• I like your music, it makes me feel positiv although the weather here is miserable. The mix could do with a bit of work. Perhaps not right at once, but after a while. In the beginning the flute sounds rather weak in relation to the rest of the orchestra. If you did that on purpose, you can ignore my remark.

    • Thank you very much for your comments!  I will check the mixing part.

  • I listened to about 15 minutes of this and for lack of time could not continue. This would be A+ cinematic music, however it lacks enough volume to hear very well without turning the volume to the extreme.

    The music itself is well composed and mixed for the genre it is. I only wish it was mastered better so as to be heard at normal volume. 

    • The volume level looked OK to me.  I do not know what the problem is.  Anyway, thank you very much for your comment!!!  Cheers!

      • Mineso, Were you between -20 and -16 LUFS?  If you are maybe the issue is on my end. For most tracks I play in the classical genre I can comfortably hear them at 50% volume. At 60-75% volume it sounds like I'm in the audience in a real concert in terms of the feel. Classical music is generally some of the lowest music in total volume in a master .I didn't expect it to be overly loud or like an action movie :) Seems slightly low to me. I could hear it if I run my volume up.

  • I think this is certainly more subtle and intelligent than most cinematic music and I'm glad I discovered it. The main thing that lets it down for me is the rather crude use of voices, particularly near the end. The rendering is more than loud enough for me --certainly more so than most of mine! I'm not a particular fan of the EWQL orchestras (the new Opus versions are supposedly better) but I think your rendering is more than competent.

    • I appreciate your valuable comments!  I will take a look at the "voices" problem you mentioned.  Best regards,

      • I don't think it's a problem, it's just that for my taste the device is a bit crude compared to the beauty of a good deal of the rest of the score. You are perfectly entitled to disagree with my assessment.


    • I agree applying the EWQL techniques to classical music is not a good thing. The LUFS standards are what mixing engineers use to gauge the volume of any particular genre. In that sense it really isn't extremely subjective. -20--16 LUFS is the general standard for classical music which is quite low compared to most other genre of music. OTOH action movie tracks are often pumped up to the standards of rock tracks.

      Who knows? Maybe I'm loosing my hearing. I attempted to rip the track to test it. I was going to load it and test it. The issue is it is so large it would take me an hour and over 300 mb, so I scraped the idea. If the track had been shorter I would have loaded it up just for my own interest to see if I am loosing my hearing or maybe my system needs calibration..

      • First of all, thank you very much for your detailed comment.  I took a look at the loudness level from Cubase and it is about -20 LUFS (integrated).   In addition, the loudness level for the initial part of the music (quiet passage) is even lower (-23 LUFS (integrated)). The volume level might have been lowered further when I produced the video for YouTube.  So, I do not think that you have any problem with your hearing or your system calibration. Anyway, I need to learn more about mixing/mastering.  Have a nice weekend!  Cheers,

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