• :-D
    Oh, I remember that piece! It's a lullaby, isn't it?
    I think, my mother used to sing it to me as such in her head-skining days (it could have been another relative, can't be sure), but from what I remember it did not have an ending, it was just fading into the second movement "Moderato Crapicciozo", (see, the cheese had finished by then).
    Thanks for sharing, Gav.
  • Hmmm,  ah of course the calendar! 

    Fooled again, thanks Gav.

  • Thanks Socrates - yes, a lullabye. Me grandmere used to sing it to me until she died from shortness of breath. That was a bad day. I had not thought to sheer off into a Crapiccozo, thanks for the tip, a little Crap. should improve it.

    Thanks Dave- I ran out of Deca-octaves so I had to split a Dodeca-octave into two. Worked pretty well. It shifted the enharmonics enoughly that I will probably be able to extend the score up into the hearing range of bats (we'll provide harmonic de-escalators along with 3-D glasses at the performance so everyone can hear it). I tried the helicopter thing, but felt an auto-gyro got me closer to the 19th century, so more on that once my Amazon auto-gyro order comes in

    Thanks Ingo, you'll be quicker next year I am sure

  • I think having a little mouse run out, squeak, and eat the cheese (which has gotten a little stale from its original brio condition) might be a nice ending.  You could use quartal harmony a la Copland and his mouse.

  • Thanks Dave - that's only West Coast time, which I don't believe in, in my brain I was going on Gav Coast time. Sorry for the confusion. And BTW, as atoms are merely the result of microcosmic string resonations, that should work, if I can find a violinist with small enough hands

    Thanks Julie - I'm thinking about giving out some stale cheese to each audience member in hopes of driving them away. I've not thought about mice (or meese if you're British) rental, wonder if I could get this done cheaply. Think I'll have a quart of something to celebrate, not sure if Aaron would approve, as it won't be Mani-shev-itts

  • Oh Gav, a final cadence is soooo last century.

  • Thanks Bob, guess I'll leave it where it is, that way the art comes from the audience walking out in reaction to the piece not having a final cadence

    Thanks Dave, and I agree the F is silent, in fact I am in favor of abolishing the key of F altogether and using E# instead. It will help keep the American Sharps industry afloat in these turbulent economic times

  • It's April 2nd so not funny.

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