• Michael, thanks for listening and commenting!

  • Thanks Bob, glad you got some enjoyment from it. In measure 10 I was intentionally signalling the ending was coming with the half-note. I could see it going on a bit longer to have more of a build to it, but probably won't return to it. Thanks for listening and commenting~

  • Nothing to wait for Fred, the piece is done. Rodney's recent enjoyable reworking/conversation about composing techniques on another piece I put on this site was a fun and interesting exception, but I never go back and rework pieces. Once they are done, that's it for me. Even if I look back at them and think I could have done something better, I take it as a lesson learned and try to do better the next time. Eyes ahead


  • Wesley, was statement towards Gav or Rexy Poo?
  • It's short, but I somehow like the brief content. Extend it! :)

  • Hmm, lessee... several people call for it to be longer, Umm... Fred likes counterpoint, hmm, combine with stuff Rodney taught me about ending big, ok, here it is. Really there is only one possible name.


  • Nice!
  • YOU ARE AMAZINGLY BAD is directed at the Sunshiny Day piece of not music.

  • Nice Work it has an "air" or "breezy" quality in my opinion.

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