Hi, everybody. Last time we can see more work for strings, therefore I decide to share with you my "suite". Was written in 1996, in memory of my father, but the first perform was in 2005. This record is at International Festival Days of New Music in Chisinau (Rep. of Moldova), June, 2007, in the National Philarmonic Hall, conducted by Mihai Agafita.

Any comments are welcome.


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  • First off, anytime someone can have a real orchestra play their compositions is a plus. Second, reminds me a lot of Shostakovitch style Three, Very Good!
    Side note: Was there an intonation problem throughout or, were you composing with a lot of chromaticism??? Otherwise, it wasn't bad at all.
  • first off, congrates on getting a performance.

    This was a great piece and well performed. Though each movement very very different from each other, they still flowed. There were some movements I felt were weaker then others, but that is to be expected in a five movement piece. Over all it was a very good piece of music.

  • Thanks colleagues for listening my music. To Pepper side note: was not an intonation big problem (is not a studio-record and some places have a tune problem), i use chromatsm and dissonance (less majore\minore) in my musical language. I like very much Shostakovitch style, thanks for this.

    To Tyler: i realy appreciate you comment. Yes, all movements are very different, beacose of this i call "suite". But, are five different sides of our personality.

    Thanks agein!

  • Even though there is a great deal of chromaticism and dissonance in this work, I find it highly melodic and enjoyable. And a tip of my hat in being able to secure a live performance. The first time I heard one of my string quartets played, a cold reading by students at my school, it sent shivers up my back. "That's my music!" I thought. "Wow!"
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