A sketch with all notes and articulations included. No expression markings. Seeking constructive thoughts and feelings on work thus far. Considerations include that no movement can exceed 48 measures (an odd constraint to be sure; I, however, must conform to what is asked of me, no matter how odd it seems to me).

Suite - Bassoon.pdf

Suite for Bassoon - Part 1.mp3

Suite for Bassoon - Part 2.mp3

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  • Gordon, quite an undertaking.

    Is this being written for a particular performer?

    I didn't play all the way through each one (not that accomplished a piano player), but each mvmnt has a unique personality and yet the whole work is cohesive.  Very well done.

    My only thought would be to possibly explore the very upper registers of the instrument.  You showcased the low end very well.  You also were able to show the flexibility of the instrument (intervals of 7ths and octaves).

    Will we be able to hear a recording of the performance?


  • Tim,

    I had no particular performer in mind. I, however, have a bassoonist that has agreed to provide me with their thoughts and feelings on it. I hope that the bassoonist will agree to a performance and recording. I felt that the lowest notes on bassoon would be easier than the highest notes on bassoon: the idea was to ensure a challenge but not be unplayable to the non-virtuoso.

    The work itself has an overall form of a baroque suite, uses standard and variant rhythmic structures for the associated dance types, uses a multitude of scales/modes, and a series of techniques --- including: retrograde, inversion, additive motivic development, quasi-aleatoric procedures, and quasi-serial procedures as well as other techniques.

    Thank you very, very much for commenting on the unique personality of each movement. Thank you for evaluating it as a cohesive work. I certainly wasn't seeking praise, but I'm thankful to receive it.

    If you'd like, then I can post a computer rendering of the work as is, until a real recording can be furnished. Would you like that?

    All the Best,


  • Gordon,

    That would be great.  I'd love to be able to hear it.

    Look forward to it.


  • Tim,

    Files have been updated for "listening pleasure".

    All the Best,


  • Fred,

    I did indeed consider a rewrite for cello unaccompanied. I will give it further consideration, esp. since I have a friend who makes the cello really, really sing.



  • Thanks Ray.

  • Ray,

    Interesting thoughts/feelings.

    All the Best,


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