This is the third of three movements.

This was recorded on a Roland RD-2000 stage piano, Moog and Novation analog synthesizers, drum kit, and percussion. Presented in a rock-oriented style, this is mainly a parade of riffs accompanied by drumming which wants equal attention. My tipping-the-hat to the 1970s generation of progressive-rock artists.

The movement is 6.5 minutes and may be listend to here:

Thank you for listening.  --Ray

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  • Ray - I somehow almost missed this third movement - too much traffic on the site lately, LOL! I don't know what I can say that I didn't for the other two movements, i.e loved the intricacy and inventiveness and creative daring of all three.  Oh, and the vocal track on this one was unexpected - and a nice surprise, as I was expecting strictly an instruemental arrangement! So, once again, well done!  What a talent you have!

    I grew up on prog rock (first concert experience ever, as a 14 y.o., was seeing Yes live on their Going for the One tour in 1977 - toatally dating myself I know - and I will never forget that experience as long as I live) and though my listening interests have branched out into tons of other areas since, listening to your three-part suite is really making me want to go back and revisit that rich tradition.    

    Side note, I noticed in your text introduction that you're using Novation synths. Funny coincidence, I just acquired one of the Novation Impulse USB MIDI keyboards earlier today. Not a synth obviously, but same brand.  First impression: totally impressed!  Gorgeous build quality and great functionality, from the looks of things. Can't wait to put it through its paces.


    • Hi, Frank - congrats on the Novation controller. I'm impressed with the Novation brand the same way you are. I looked at some pics and I like the square piano-type key shape. At some point when you post a piece using the device I'll be interested how it helps your work.

      Thank you for taking the time to listen to the entire suite (the collective 20 minutes is not a small committment) and for the positive energy contained in all your comments. In 1977 I had just graduated from high school and spent all those years listening to the same stuff as you. I was taking piano and drum lessones so I was also having exposure to Bach, Mozart, and the rest of those characters.

      I'll be on the lookout for new material from you.  Best regards  --Ray  

  • Hi Raymond,

    This certainly has a progressive rock vibe to it, and some interesting harmony. Overall it strikes me as a rhythmic track, not a whole composition. I wanted to hear some kind of melodic element on top of and higher in the register than what you have here. Thanks for posting!


    • Hi, Gavin - thank you so much for listening and for your critique.  Some of my local people have said the same, “nice rhythm track…. now finish it!”

      If I do add melody it will be, as you say, above the range of the riffing instruments, and I would reduce the texture of what’s already there. Yes, I do accept your point.  –Ray

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