This is the second of three movements.

Recorded on a Roland RD-2000 stage piano, Moog Matriarch synthesizer and a small drum kit. In two parts, the first is dominated by solo piano; the second is a six-minute keyboard-and-synth performance with overdubbed noise and bass tracks. I added some drum playing for color and additional drive.

My thanks for listening:

--Best regards, Ray


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  • Very well done. Both the music and the synths remind me of times gone by which I tend to like.

    • Thank you for listening, Timothy. Your commitment to sticking with it for nine minutes and then commenting means a lot. Yea... times gone by that are worthy of resurrecting. Thank you again for taking the time to listen. -Ray

  • Pure awesomeness once again, Ray. Having previously mentioned your prog inklings, I think it might be meaningful for me to say that you could go head to head with Keith Emerson on a piece like this. When your post-classical piano intro yielded to that beautifully old-school Moog part with intricate drums interplay, you could have convinced me I was hearing something on par with ELP.   Oh, and that freaky, dystopian excursion at about the 4-minute mark - totally loved that.  Like, "Tarkus" meets Tangerine Dream.

    If you ever need a bass player to fill in the bottom end with some bone-crunching distortion and a pick, let me know!  :-) 

    Keep 'em coming, this is total listening enjoyment.  Cheers, FP

    • Thank you so much, Frank!  And, if you make something where you think drums could work, or want to explore the concept if you're not sure, please let me know. --Regards, Ray

      • Absolutely - Thanks!

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