This is the first of three movements.

In this movement, Part A contains a short piano prelude scored with a Novation analog mono synthesizer. Part B presents a melodic sequence modulated by adding/removing oscillators as it plays (Moog semi-modular). Using a second keyboard I add simple melodic or rhythmic phrases on top and below to create polyrhytmic interest. Finally, I play a five-piece drum kit for color and additional rhythmic drive. The abrupt transition from Part A to B is intentional.

The four-and-a-half minute movement is here:

Thank you for listening. --Ray

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  • Ray, I REALLY liked this!  I loved the way you fearlessly segued from one instrumental voice to several, back to solo, and so on, even making those transitions quite abruptly - they all work. Everything is so beautifully intricate and fast-paced and yet the whole listening experience is super engaging.  The stereo mix is also terrific - crystal clear and warm and nice spatial effects. In your intro I was reminded of the 'post-jazz' kind of vibe from Zappa's "Jazz from Hell" album, but then as soon as I made that connection we were off in another direction. This, to me, is what modern creative music can be at its best - inventive, daring, unbound by cliche, fresh and original.  Super well done!  Cheers, Frank

    • Hi, Frank- thank you for this most encouraging feedback....I'm floored. I listened to lots of Zappa and prog rock in the 1970s and I was always amazed by the precision of those albums, and all the things they threw at the listener, and the pace at which they did it. This project is, in part, a nod to that era. I very much appreciate your comments on the mix, too. The next two movements will go up in a day or two. And I'm so pleased that you are interested in hearing them. Best regards  --Ray

  • I forgot to ask, Ray - will we get to hear your other two movements as well?  I'd really like to!  Cheers

  • Hi Ray. Wow, this is a moving piece. The transition from part A to the next is very engaging. I can feel an old vibe 80's retro in it. The constant sense of moving sound on left and right ear is quite attractive. The repetitive motive is really what makes this piece alive. Is the drum a live recording or a vst?



    • Hi, Sam - thanks for giving this a listen and for your positive comments. The drums are a live recording. That L/R motion you mentioned.....that was the synth, it has a stereo output, but I was surprised when I first heard the effect. It is the result of changing in real time the number of oscillators playing the repetitive motive. I'm glad that made an impact.  --Ray 

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